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No woman would want to share her man with any woman. Even if some cultures, and religion allow men to marry more than one wife, most women won't still be comfortable seeing their men in the arms of another woman. Hence, for a woman to keep their men under their love below are what i dug out for them to consider. 1. BE ROMANTIC AND CALL HIM SWEET NAMES. When you are romantic towards your man, it not only boost his morale and makes him feel like a king, it also strengthens the bond of your relationship/marriage that will make him love you the more. Therefore, call him those sweet names you know that will make his medulla oblongata swell! Lol! 2. MAKE HIM FEEL LIKE A MAN BY ALLOWING HIM TO SHOWCASE HIS AUTHORITY. Every man at any cost, will go to any length to protect his ego. No man wants to feel like a puppet or being controlled by any other person. In order for you to keep your man under your love, whether in marriage or in a relationship, you have to allow your man/husband to show himself why he's a man. But that doesn't mean you won't call him to order if you see him abusing that power as a man in the house. 3. TRY NOT TO OFFEND HIM, DON'T HURT HIM. Most men are also emotional beings. For the fact that he couldn't show it to you doesn't mean they are not hurt when they are offended. Hence, do not create any issue that will make him feel hurt and offended rather, show him that love that he deserves if you want to keep your man under your love. 4. REMAIN CALM WHEN HE IS ANGRY. You can go back to him in his sober moment with apology and explain why you behave that way that annoyed him. Using some kind of feministic attitude to approach him won't work. Two wrongs can't make a right. You've to show some remorse if you, in one way or the other, hurt or offended him. No woman can keep a man if she's a nagging type. 5. BE QUICK TO SAY " I'M SORRY DEAR". Whenever you offended him, insist on his forgiveness, appreciate and kiss him when he does. No matter how strong a man can be, the high position he occupies, the caliber of person he is, you can keep him under your love if you apologize when you are at fault. If otherwise, it shows that you're an arrogant type who shows no concern for her attitude or behavior. 6. SPEAK GOOD OF HIM BEFORE HIS FRIENDS AND SIBLINGS. With this alone, you've won his heart. It simply shows that you've trust and believe in him. No man would want to see himself being ridiculed by his so called woman he cares for. So, ensure you talk good about him whether in his presence or in his absence. 7. HONOUR HIS MOTHER. Most men doesn't joke with their parents especially their mothers. If you show some respect and his family members, you're not only telling him how loving you're, but also a caring type. 8. INSIST THAT HE BUYS GIFT FOR HIS PARENTS AND SO BE SURE THAT HE WILL DO THE SAME FOR YOUR PARENTS. It simply shows that you have his parents at heart and you can take care of them when he leads you to the altar or even in marriage. 9. You can give him a surprise package or prepare his favorite meal when he has no money. It won't cost you much if you decide to surprise him with a package no matter how little it is. By also cooking his favorite dish without him knowing, you are not only sweeping off his foot, but also, you're securing the love he has for you. 10. DO NOT ALL THE MAID TO SERVE HIM FOOD WHEN YOU ARE AT HOME BECAUSE, YOU MAY LOSE HIM TO HER. There are some certain things you shouldn't allow in your home, So many marriages have crashed as a result of allowing their maids to do or behave the way they're not supposed to at home. Ensure you make no mistake of allowing your maid to be cooking the food meant for your husband to eat. Though, she can assist you but not cooking for your husband. This is to protect your marriage to avoid stories that touch. 11. WELCOME HIM WITH HOT WARM KISS AND HUG AFTER A LONG DAY AT WORK. I guess this one is quite explanatory. You know he must have worked himself out during the day time, by the time he comes back from work, he expects a warm reception with a hug and some little assistance from you. With that alone, you're creating the fact that you care for him and encourage his hard work. 12. SMILE WHEN YOU LOOK AT HIM AND PECK HIM OCCASIONALLY WHEN YOU BOTH ARE GOING FOR A SOCIAL GATHERING. By doing this, you are securing your home by showing your man that feeling of importance both inside and outside your home. 13. COMPLIMENT HIM BEFORE YOUR CHILDREN. With this attitude, you are creating the atmosphere of love between your man and his children. You're indirectly protecting your home and elongating your marriage. 14. PRAY FOR HIM. As a woman, you are the pillar of your home. You need to pray for your home and your man spiritually from intruders and any kind of spiritual forces. 15. SEND HIM A SWEET ROMANTIC TEXT MESSAGE WHILE HE'S AT WORK. By showing him this little attitude by sending him sweet romantic text messages can ginger him for that day. There won't be any reason for him to look at other women. After the day, he can't wait to get home to see his lovely woman. 16. GIVE HIM GOOD SEX. Most women do shy away from this one. What keeps your home is not only food but a good sex worth experiencing. You can use your sexual prowess to keep your man and keep her under your love. You need to give him good sex that he won't think of any other person/woman but you. Because, you have given him what most men crave for - good sex. 17. DRESS SEXILY FOR YOUR HUSBAND. There's nothing wrong dressing sexily for your man. If you're not dressing for your husband, who else? During the night time, you can decide to wear a very sexy night gown that will drive him nut. Doing this makes you more attractive and sexy and young to him. After all, you are doing this to keep your man. 18. SHARE HIS BURDEN WITH YOU. As the man of the house, many responsibilities and issues will surely be on his head. You can also show him that love by assisting him footing some household bills etc... By so doing, you're telling him that he's not alone.

19. BE A GOOD LISTENER. By being a good listener, he will be able to share his inner feelings and worries with you. You have to create the environment where he will feel comfortable sharing his problems to you. Remember men are very secretive in nature and seldom share their inner minds and secrets to anyone. If you want to earn that, you will have to create that aura for him to share his problems and worries to you. 20. APPRECIATE GOD OVER HIS LIFE. When you thank God for what he's done for you, he will do more for you. Appreciating God for the kind of man he's given to you simply denotes that you cherish and love your man. If otherwise, it will definitely show in your attitude and behavior that you're not happy with the man God has given to you. Therefore, by appreciating God for your man, your telling God that you're grateful and thankful. Remember: All these qualities aforementioned are subject to personal opinion. But if you think you've idea on how a woman can keep their men under their love, you can share with us by commenting below. If you find this article interesting, kindly Share.

Written by Mac Tosh Tosh

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