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Church Ministers Proffer Solution to Marital Conflicts

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Strong marriages are vital to the health of the church. That’s why counselling engaged couples, presiding over wedding ceremonies and celebrating anniversaries are all functions of ministers of God.

God ordained marriage to provide companionship, spiritual connection, physical intimacy and the ability to pursue Him together as husband and wife in one flesh. A holy union.

Yet, every week: Life gets messy, couples struggle, marriages become strained. That’s why Couples Koinonia as an organization wants to come along side church leaders to brainstorm. Its intention is to provide resources that encourage husbands and wives to look to Christ for healing and strength whatever their circumstances.

It is in this bold stride that a ministers' conference was held in Dartford, Southeast England to look at ways of strengthening the family system bearing in mind that there are many seen and unseen forces competing with the body of Christ in relation to taking control of not only the family but also the fruits of the family which are the children.

Various Christian ministers with specialties in different professional vocations came together to brainstorm, identify, dissect and proffer solutions to the various myriads of challenges facing the family as well as the church of God.

Issues such as raising Godly children in diaspora, managing and collaborating in family finance and vision, domestic abuse, divorce or separation in the church, mental health, family mentorship among other cardinal areas were discussed.

The meeting hosted by brother Demola and sister Catherine, coordinated by Couples Koinonia had ministers drawn from various denominations from across the south east areas of the United Kingdom.

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