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Avoiding Pitfalls In Marriage

Infidelity accounts for 20 -40 % of divorce in America. Sixty-two per cent of the population says they would leave their spouse if it is found out that their partner was having an affair. It is the commonest single reason cited for divorce.

In a case study of eighty-eight per cent, an affair is cited as one of the reasons if not the only reason for separation. There is, therefore, no gainsaying that adhering to biblical principles of God and obeying his commandments, will keep us from all evil, including “falling into any unholy affair.” In studies from the wisest man that ever lived in the book of Proverbs chapter 5 vs 1-2, it is imperative that as a first step, pay attention to his word. In paying attention to what the bible says and drawing biblical references and listening to godly counsel. Furthermore, verse 3 warns of sweet talk from the opposite sex who is not your spouse.''The lips of a strange woman drop as honeycomb and her mouth is sweeter than oil. The anointing that plays with a strange woman would soon be drowned. Don’t’ be anointed to the point of disobeying the word of the Lord. God is no respecter of anyone. The grace of God is not a license to sin. The mouth is sweeter than oil. When you are deep in an affair, it will appear sweeter than the anointing. Reason many famous men of God fall into an incessant affair.

In vs 4, it says it usually ends in bitterness. Most affairs end up this way. Eighty-two per cent of unholy affairs that end in wedlock end up in divorce and a lot of regrets. It is wise to learn from the wise man himself. Besides, the unholy relationship will not help you in your journey to make heaven if you still believe in making heaven and it is cruelty to been cruel to oneself Pro 5:9

In other to avoid these and many other consequences of an unholy affair, it is imperative to always : (a)Listen to a wise counsel (b) Pro 5 :15, Drink water from your cistern. (c)Treat your wife or husband in such a way that freshwater will continue to run from his or her well. It is because someone else has looked after the other cistern that you consider attractive to you. (d) Don’t be a lazy spouse. Look after your cistern. Vs 19: Wives should be as loving and pleasant to her husband. The husband should be satisfied with his wife at all times.Sex deprivation is ungodly behaviour. and it requires repentance. And when your wife does not satisfy you sexually and you cannot be transported in the delight of her love, there is a problem. Seek answer before a strange woman takes over.

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