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*Governor Ikpeazu On Couple's Summit;* "Many a time, when we are out of the house, a child could do something untoward or maybe break something precious and our wives will tell them... *SO YOU HAVE BROKEN THIS THING EH, YOUR FATHER WILL KILL YOU WHEN HE COMES BACK. DON'T WORRY. YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE* The child becomes terrified as he waits for your return. And when you come back and your wife narrates what happened, you beat the child. In the process of beating the child, your wife comes out again and shouts... It's okay now, do you want to kill the child for me? *WOMEN!! WOMEN!!!* Then, the child runs behind the mother and begins to see you, the father as wicked. Meanwhile, it's the mother that set up the entire thing o. So for me, I won't beat anyone for something that happened in my absence and no one should present me as the killer. I have told my wife, if a child does something wrong in your presence and you think he deserves some punishment, go ahead and punish him. I will support you when I come back. Don't tell him to wait for me. I am not a masquerade nor an assassin. Again... When there is need to give money to the children, maybe when they are going back to school. You and your wife will decide on how much the child will get. After handing the agreed sum to the child, your wife goes behind to give the child some more and tells him not to let the father know about it. I told my wife not to do it and I told her that if you give him extra money behind my back, I will also give him extra behind you and it will be double of what you gave. As a safeguard, after giving the child what my wife and I have agreed, I then tell the child, that whatever your mother will give you after now is also part of what we agreed. *MAKE NO WOMAN COME AND PAINT ME BAD*

This is part of the reasons, when these children grow, they will buy walking stick and hot drinks for you and buy all the beautiful wrappers and envelope good sums of money, for their mothers. Fathers must be careful not to allow anyone make them lose their children nor become strangers to them.....! *MOTHERS SABI DIR WAYS WEN IT COMES TO DIR CHILDREN* *Wisdom won't kill Govermor Ikpeazu*

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