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There are questions many men ask and don't seem to have answers to when dealing with women. Many of those questions get answers as the relationship grows but there are there some proven ways to fix your wife

before or when you notice she is falling apart.

Your wife or spouse might be dying in silence while still performs her duties as a wife and mother. You will need to know her very deeply to know when she needs to be fixed. When a woman is always moody, cries a lot, yells at the children or becomes very provocative at any slight instance, can barely sleep or sleeps a lot, she may be battling with something you are not patient enough to see. A real man will not allow his wife to fall apart without fixing her and making her better and happy. If you discover your wife is falling apart, watch out and fix the following: *CHECK IF YOU ARE THE PROBLEM* You might be her problem but out of her respect and love for you, she may not tell you. Ask, let her talk to you like a friend and lover. Ask probing questions in love and honesty. *BE AWARE OF HER RESPONSIBILITIES* Get to know how if her work load is killing her. Regardless of whether she stays at home or goes to work, do you know what she does all day? If you don’t, ask her. Her to-do list is probably overflowing with tasks that far outweighs her time and energy. *BE APPRECIATIVE* Be mindful of her needs and appreciative of her sacrifices. The work a woman does at home can be too common that nobody will appreciate her for them, this can be killing her. Appreciate your wife. *GET INVOLVED BEFORE SHE BURNS OUT* Don’t just be appreciative, but get involved. The best time to begin helping your wife is now. Don’t wait until she breaks down to offer a helping hand. *ACQUIRE EQUIPMENTS* Get equipment that can make life more easier for her chores at home (the ones you can afford). Dish washer, gas cooker, refrigerator, oven, washing machine etc. *BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT* Be totally involved at home, stop delegating parenting and family life. Don’t be a “visiting husband'' or ''absentee father”, be an active partner in this business of your life. It takes two to parent. It takes two to make a marriage work. It takes two to run a household. Be fully involved in every aspect of your family life.

*HOLD HER* Hold her like a lover and a friend. Place your hands on her shoulder, her laps, hold her hands, just hold her and let her feel you. *JUST LISTEN* Men are known to be good talker but very bad listeners. At times what your wife needs is for you to just listen. Do not interrupt, let her unburden, let her talk. Sometimes the best way for a woman to reset is by getting all of her thoughts out. Let your wife talk through her feelings and problems. Show empathy. Listen carefully. Ask questions. Be fully engaged in the conversation. *BE A PARTNER NOT A TEACHER* Most men do fall into the “Teaching trap” when they are supposed to be a partner, showing love and consideration. Do not blame, just be there for her. Just listen. That’s all you need to do. And if she wants you to offer solutions, she’ll ask for them *GIVE HER HOPE* No matter what happens, don’t ever raise up your hands in surrender. Giving up, crying or weeping will hurt your wife more. Encourage her. Let her know what you love about her. Help her see the good in any situation. Avoid being critical or negative. When she has hit the rock bottom, be the man who lifts her up, and brings light and hope back into her life. *BE SENSITIVE* Get to know her mood, get to know her needs, get to know what is needed to be done at home and do them without prompting Learn the art of looking around the house and finding things that need to get done. Are there dishes in the sink? What is broken that needs to be fixed? Don’t wait to be asked. Just do it! *PRAY FOR HER* Take your time off to pray for her, hand her over to her maker who knows the deepest need of her heart . Let God fix her, you can’t do it. Let God know what you appreciate about her. Ask for his help. Ask him to tell you how you can be a better spouse to her. Ask him to comfort her and help her see herself as He sees her. *PRAY WITH HER* Don’t just pray for your wife, find time to pray with her, hug her as you pray together, hold her hands, just talk to your maker together. *ASK HER HOW YOU CAN BE OF HELP* Your wife knows what you can do to help her reset, so just ask her. She will open up to you, it may not be what you think, so don’t speculate, ask, She’ll appreciate it more than you will ever know. *HELP AROUND THE HOUSE* Give a helping hand around the house. Give her a kitchen holiday for some days, do all the cooking or hire somebody to do it for you. Let her just sit, eat and rest, this may be all she needs, *TAKE HER OUT* Take her out, eat out, go to the cinema, go to wherever she will love to go, not where you want, just follow her. *ALLOW HER TO CRY,IF SHE MUST* “Stop crying, are you a baby?, will you be crying about this little thing?” This is what most crude and cruel men will say when their wives cry, what an insensitive word. If she feels like crying, hold her to yourself and let her do the crying while you pat her on the back. It’s a great way to fix the problem. *LET HER GO ON HOLIDAY* Allow her to go on holiday all alone to herself, this can fix the problem as she returns with greater energy.

*CELEBRATE HER* Let your wife be celebrated. Celebrate her in secret and in public. Talk about her beauty, motherhood, wifehood, support, thoughtfulness. This will make her day. The world will be a better place when fathers and mothers treat each other with love.This will in turn create loving children who are the future.

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