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Invest In Your Spouse

I have seen men and women who admire other peoples spouses not only because they look beautiful on the outside but so many describe these people as faultless. As a matter of fact in my younger years, I have taken a close look at some women and said to myself ,"wow her husband is a lucky man".

As I grew older, married and striving to be the man whose wife other men admire, I have discovered that it is a hard job and not all that now glitters was once gold. In fact, it takes more than it gives. It is easier to bolt and stay aloof than it is to stay committed and invest. Easier to have children from many women than staying married to one although more expensive on the long run paying child support and maintaining a relationship with the children.

That "faultless" man or woman is someone's life long investment. The outward and inner attributes were not in born. Unfortunately no one is faultless. The greatest mistake anyone can make is to think a fellow human is faultless. Only God is faultless. It probably took one person to devote time to invest in the supposed faultless person. The "faultless individual" who is now "gold" would have gone through the refinement of another, hence if your spouse is used to pressing the toothpaste from the middle, press your own from the bottom, it will create uniformity. This shouldn't  cause a breakup.

If your spouse is used to leaving the toilet seat up, close it or put it down, it shouldn't cause problem rather help them understand your viewpoint.

If your spouse farts while you're eating, take your food and go elsewhere, come back when it dispels. This shouldn't cause crisis. 

If your spouse snores, so noisily you can't sleep, don't be offended. It can be controlled and also treatable. All you need do is see a doctor. This shouldn't cause a breakup. 

If your spouse has a bad breath, otherwise known as mouth odor, book an appointment with a dentist. It can be treated. Sometimes it is negligence that causes bad breath. Or a bad oral hygiene. Bad breath is treatable. It shouldn't cause divorce. 

If your spouse has body odor, its treatable. He or she needs to be more hygienic. Invest in good body spray (not anti perspirant) bath well and use perfume or deodorant. Increase your hygiene routine. Bath two or three times a day. Bath especially before bed time. Body odor shouldn't cause divorce. A problem that has a cure is already solved.

If your spouse cannot cook or can't cook to your taste, enroll her in culinary class. If you can, you can teach her. Food/cooking shouldn't cause breakup. 

If your spouse is lazy or lethargic with house chores, if you can, get modern gadgets to ease her task. Gone are the days when a woman's wifeliness is in her physical strength. Stress can easily wear a woman out and make her look twice her age.

If your spouse lacks manner, correct him or her with love and patience. It's hard to live with a manner person but marriage is not a bed of Roses.

If your spouse is temperamental, know him or her for whom he or she is. Avoid triggers and encourage him or her to go for mental health checkup or anger management classes. Be patient. 

If your spouse does not dress in a manner that impresses you, let him or her know and buy things that promote the looks you admire in other people. If it is the hairdo, let him or her know. You can encourage him or her to register in a gym or even pay for it. Divorce should be the last resort.

Unfortunately, young couples don't want to tolerate one another or invest in the life long contract they vowed to be committed to. They resort to divorce at the first challenge. Men and woman need to have as a quality TOLERANCE before getting into this life long commitment called marriage.  

The rate of divorce these days is unbelievable with most of the causes avoidable or managed. 

Sometimes, age is not a factor in marriage. Maturity and intelligence takes upper credit. 

May God save our marriages from falling apart like the wall of Jericho in Jesus name.

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