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Our Children Are Watching

Be kind and compassionate…forgiving each other…as in Christ God forgave you.’Ephesians 4:32 NIV. Here’s a story every parent needs to read and remember.

One day my husband and I got into an argument and ended up yelling at each other. I retreated to the porch and sat with my head in my hands, crying. Our two-year-old overheard the argument. “I love you, Mom,” she said, as she sat beside me and put her arms around me. “I love you, too,” I said. She rested her head on my shoulder, hugging me hard. “I wish you could love my daddy too,” she said. Talk about ripping your heart out! “But I do love your daddy. We just had a disagreement.” At that, my daughter smiled, got up, and walked away. “Where are you going?” I asked her. She replied, “I’m going to tell Daddy you love him!”’

If we expose our children to our anger, let us make sure that they’re around when we extend grace and forgiveness to each other.

Let us teach them how to deal with the issue, without attacking the person. Let them know that a difference of opinion can lead to a decision that makes things better for everyone. And that you can be wrong on an issue and still be respected and loved. Often that means teaching them what you yourself were never taught.

Forgive when you’re hurt, and don’t take your resentments to bed (see Ephesians 4:26). Jesus said we must forgive ‘so that our Father in heaven may forgive us (Mark 11:25 NIV 2011 Edition). Remember, parent, your children are watching us.

One of the evil predictions following  Corona virus pandemic  is increase in break up of marriages. Let us watch  out for one another.Let us be mindful  of each other.

Avoid being  irritable .Pray for Grace.Staying at home together  for indefinite period  with  associated  financial  stress can result  in increase  argument  and making us irritable.God promised to supply  our needs according  to his riches in glory.Let us keep our heart  stayed on Him.

He would not fail us nor  forsake  us.Heb 13:5

Remain Blessed.

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