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Pray For Your Pastors

No one knows what a pastor hears, what he sees, the secrets he must keep, the temptations he encounters, the tears he sheds, the sorrow he endures, the loneliness he manages, the bitterness he experiences, the lies that are often levelled against him by some of the people he serves!

No one knows how he accommodates those who pretend they love him but behind him they destroy him.

No one knows how he tries to live more than a human. The lack he suffers, the discrimination he must not react to, the accusations he has to mute at and the expectations he strives to cope with.

He is alive for God and yet he lives for man! The priesthood is what no one can fully understand or comprehend! The priesthood is a mystery!

So ALL you can do for him is pray for him. A day must not pass without standing in the gap for him! Wish him well, and endeavor to understand him!

Make him happy at least because an unhappy pastor is dangerous and a disaster to the Church of God!

It is my humblest appeal to all Children of God that they Support / Pray/Intercede for all our pastors and their families. Amen!

Please share with all the Children of God#

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