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Submission of wife's salary to the husband is good and ideal in a marriage where husband and wife are united, transparent and are accountable to one another. Oneness in marriage as depicted in cleaving together of husband and wife in Genesis 2:24 (including money) brings a lot of blessings to the family. Money or Salary of husband and wife belong to both of them, (the family) of which it should be "our money" not "my money" . The "how" "when" "who" to spend the family income must be also be from mutual understanding and agreement between husband and wife.

A wife will readily submit or surrender all her earnings to a devoted, loving and caring husband whose principle on their finances is ''OUR'' not ''MY''. It is a fact that 99% of united and successful couples we see today operates this principle of oneness and accountability of which is even far beyond submission of a wife's money. This is what the scripture posits in an ideal Christian marriage where the husband and wife are spirit filled and are accountable to one another. *Ephesians 5:21 (Submitting yourselves to one another in the fear of the Lord) But a woman is strongly advised not to submit her money or salary to: ■A spendthrift husband ■A husband who has another woman or other unknown commitment outside the marriage. ■A man who does not care about the welfare of the wife and children ■A man who does not discuss how the family income should be spent ■A man who never carries his wife along in decision making. ■A man who prioritizes the extended family needs above that of his immediate family. ( A man left the wife because of issue of extended family and another wife left her husband because she needed to care for her extended family ( real life cases) ■A man who disregards his wife's opinion on family matters. ■It is a fact that several women today are struggling to pay the debt of a husband who deserted them for another woman and for other obvious reasons. (Some of these men never looked back to care for the welfare of the children but rather prefer to start a new life with another woman). The woman is then left to fend for their children and to pay the debt left by the husband.Wisdom is indeed profitable to direct for such wives. (Proverbs 24:3). ■Submission of a wife to husband in everything [including money] is always easy and natural for a woman who is married to a loving and devoted husband.

Financial bond between husband and wife makes a family prosperous and bring about faster development than couples who do not bond together in financial matters. It's not only about submission alone, but about transparency, love, accountability, mutual agreement and bonding between husband and wife *Ephesians 5:25-28* Merry Christmas and Happy new year

Dr Emmanuel Olawale

(Coordinator,Couples Koinonia UK)

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