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For the husband

Treat your wife with gentleness and strength Give ample praise and reassurance Define areas of responsibility. Avoid criticism. (almost all criticism is destructive) Remember the importance of little things. (birthdays, anniversaries, and similar things) Recognise her need for togetherness. Do things together. Give her a sense of security. Recognise the validity of her moods. Women have stronger mood variations than most men. Co-operate with her every effort to improve your marriage. Discover her particular individual needs and try to meet them. No two wives are alike

For the wife

Learn the meaning of love Give up your dreams of a perfect marriage and work towards a good marriage. Discover your husband’s personal and unique needs and try to meet them. Abandon all dependency upon your parents and all criticism of his relatives. Give praise and appreciation instead of seeking it. Surrender possessiveness and jealousy. Greet your husband with affection instead of complaints or demands. Abandon hope of changing your husband through criticism or attack. Follow the axiom: We change no other person by direct action. We can change only ourselves; and when we change, others tend to change in reaction to us. Love changes people. Outgrow the princess syndrome. The princess syndrome is the feeling that you are “special”. No one is special. Unique, yes: special no. Pray for patience. Good marriages are built on a foundation of patience.

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