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The Selfishness of man

I didn't realize the magnitude of the current pandemic around the world until i casually walked into a superstore to grab some everyday essential after work.Describing what I saw as utter shock would be an understatement.Fear gripped me and had to pull a call back to my wife who also was fond of strolling into the shops and getting anything we needed as at when we needed it.Survival mode in me kicked in and I went for what i could grab on the shelves.Anything that can keep us alive if there was nothing the following day.Selfishness,greed and apprehension made me spend more than I have ever spent at a time in the superstore.I have seen it in films and read about such times but to have money and not find what I need has never crossed my mind.

Face masks,inhalers and other medical essentials have become items that people scramble to get just in case the need arises.While it is good to prepare but as C,we need FAITH now more than ever before.There seem to be some palpable tension as to whether the world might be coming to an end or what Christians have termed the fulfillment of biblical prophecies. Unfortunately, just when people thought places of worship and religious clerics could offer solace or shelter,suddenly comes governments ban on public gatherings and social distancing became the slogan in the mouth of everyone.Even the elderly are so weary of any contact with the young populace owing to their level of immunity and underlining health conditions.Faith in Christ alone is what we need.

In all of these, issues that have divided countries and people over the years such as poverty,lack of medicinal supplies and food ,immigration went underground unchallenged and battle for survival human and economies kicked in.Food shortages,mass deaths and burials became the headlines in all the mass media.

In all of these,the realization that anyone could get infected with the corona virus and possible die as a result brings to the front burner the issue of Christ commandment to love one another as Christ loves the church.Unconditional love is what He stands for and as Christians,our role in this challenging times is to show kindness to everyone irrespective of race,religion or economic standing,pray for those affected and remain calm knowing that all things work together for those that love and know their God.

This is not the time to stock pile food and other medicinal items in anticipation of scarcity but to believe that this too shall pass and normalcy will return in no too distant future.

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