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No.1 tip

*... Practice acceptance and appreciation... this is very important in a relationship.. as many people don't practice matter how your partner is learn to accept him or her the way they are... and appreciate them for who they are.. this tip reduces unnecessary fights and quarrels..*

No 2 tip *..Recognize that all relationships have ups and downs... it is important to note that you cant be happy all the time.. you shouldn't expect your relationship to be on the high continuously.. there will be down moments*

No 3 tip *.. Use the word 'WE'... this is very important as this word fosters togetherness.. Tamar Chansky PH.D of the university of California researched that couple who used the word WE when talking are happier calmer and more satisfied in their relationships*

No 4. tip: *Keep the playfulness alive. We all love to play regardless of our age.. Have fun together.. Do games together.. Watch movies together... And the next time your partner says something to you that you don't like.. respond with a joke.. and you'll see the atmosphere wont be tensed*

tip 5.. *Give your partner space.... As humans we want closeness but same time we also want space.. When we notice our partner need space give some space and dont take offence*

No 6 *..Show each other daily physical affection..* *showing physical affection can be as easy as Cuddling, Kissing Hugging.. Holding hands .. Back scratch.. holding hands.*.

No 7 *.. Create couple ritual.. you can strengthen your relationship by having a particular time to do somethings together example.. like taking ten or 20 mins to chat before going to bed.*.

No 8.. *Be Supportive... there are many ways to be supportive to your partner..* *Give emotional support* *Give compliments and praise* *Give them a helping hand when they need.. like helping with the kids house chores and even financial support*

No 9.. *Fight Fair.. it is not disagreement that destroys a relationship is how you deal with it.. always don't take disagreements personal*

No 10.. *Set goals as a couple ... Have time for intellectual discussions.. especially for the women. most times we confine ourselves to home kids house chores food sex.. and forget that we too can also contribute to things like building a house together. starting a business together.. we need to up our game as women in this aspect so that our men can get intelligent discussions with us.. and we'll have something meaningful to contribute*

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