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Understanding The Meaning Of True Love

When you enjoy her soul more than her body. * When you don't compare your partner with others. Showing love and care is different for each couple. * When both of you understand each other personal space and encourage each other to grow up as a person. * When you understand that texting daily for a long hour is not required to show how important he or she is! * When you don't chase a fantasy relationship which exists in movies. * When Facebook password and checking her or his activity every single now and then is not required. If she or he loves you. You don't need to worry whether she is talking to her male friends or anyone. If she truly loves you, she will never give your place to any other. ( I'm not saying that don't check her or his activity but not create constraints ) * When you don't always need to use bye, take care love you all those stuff to end conversion. I have seen many couples who use this kind of things even in a serious situation also. * Don't make plans you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. We often imagine cute moments with our loved ones, but please remember it's not reality, *When you don't always need to do efforts to make her or him happy. * From next time whenever you think about your honeymoon, just remember you have to work and earn money to get there. (only for those couples who have already planned everything in their imagination)

*When you don't disrespect and ignore your family and other friends for him or her. *When he or she matters more than your ego. *When I trust you becomes more important than I love you *When you miss him/her a lot but don’t fill the chatbox or call logs unnecessarily. *When you stop posting relationship goals/status/whatever on social media. * When words & silence between both of you become more romantic than any other things When just one eye to eye contact is enough to flush all the frustrations out. * When respect comes from inside, you don’t need to ask for it * When work comes first & both of you know your priority list. * When your bond won’t get affected by geographical distance or any third person. * When you feel free to cry, get angry, laugh like a dumb in front him/her -Your partner becomes your pillow ;) * When you don’t need to remove clothes to touch the Heart. * When you become his/her well-wisher, best-friend, guide, secret-keeper & of course a lover. * When one forehead kiss vanishes all the confusions between the two of you. * When you start enjoying the present with them instead of getting worried about the future. * When you both understand the difference between too much care & possessiveness. * When his/her phone password no longer matters to you. * When divorce or breakup is not the end. *When your day starts with his/her thought which is enough to keep you happy whole day. *when both of you understand what he or she wants. When you love the soul then you don’t really look for the skin color, past, or anything else, because you know you love & trust.

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